May 26, 2010

Charanjit Singh - Ten Ragas to a Disco Beat (India, 1982)

The good folks of the Dutch Bombay Connection label already pleased my sitar-fetish with their lavishly packaged double compilations Bombay Connection and Bombshell Baby of Bombay, now the're back with a real surprise: Indian ragas played by early synthesizers, and I must admit this is some pretty crazy sound. This is what they say about their record: a 1982 released LP called TEN RAGAS TO A DISCO BEAT containing Kraftwerk-like acid house music, years before the genre was invented. Only a few hundred copies of the LP were ever pressed, and only a handful seem to have survived. Performed on the synths that would later define Acid House, the Roland TB-303 and TR-808, the album sounds light years ahead of its time with its repetitive beats and hypnotic electronic melodies. Its maker, Bollywood session musician Charanjit Singh, set out to translate ancient Indian classical Ragas to the modern synthesizer and in doing so seems to have invented House music along the way. Its restrained minimalism and lack of cheesiness makes it incredibly contemporary, sounding animated, fluid and unabashedly alive.
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May 10, 2010

Folk Sounds from the Dutch Deep South 1954-1987

Gotta warn ya for this one: If you're not from the South of The Netherlands, it will be very unlikely that you can appreciate this mix. Even if you're from still will be a challenge.....
This mix collects the folky sounds of Limburg, the deep South of the Netherlands, You’ll hear the strong connection between the local dialect and neighbouring Germany. Lots of german melodic influences also, apart from singer-songwriters, country and a cover of Van Morrison’s Gloria.This is the music my grandma liked to listen: songs about the the beauty of the area, the famous southern mines and yes, about grandma’s…

Barrelhouse Jazz Band – Limburgs Volkslied
Jo Erens – Limburg mien Lanjd
Sjef Diederen – De Oma
Harry Bordon – Marieke
Carboon – t Zwarte loak
Piet Geuskens – Ballade van Oma en Huzaren
Frits Rademacher – Het Huikske
Jo Erens – Vrijerslied
Sjef Diederen – D´r Dikke Hein
Carboon – D’r Berg
Janse Bagge Band – Proemevlaai
Pierre Cnoops – Huwelijksreis