September 23, 2011


A 14 track compilation featuring laid back hiphop productions, compiled by UK producer Bambooman, has just been released on the net. Bambooman's aim was to shed a light on some of the worlds finest up and coming electronic beat producers, and according to Lock it Down he passed the test with flying colors. 

Apart from John Phonics  and the compiler himself, I haven't heard of any of these producers before, making it all the more impressive that the overall sound of the compilation is very coherent. The ambient vibes and chilled out beats on SoundHealers bring back the days when Morr was king and the gordian knot of idm was loosened. Although getting fed up with that sound back in the day, this set of tracks sounds remarkably fresh. The main reason for that is, although the producers clearly take influence from their older peers, they've managed to timewarp it into the now. Taking as much from the old days as from current events such as dubstep and the LA beat scene, these soundhealers created a niche of their own. One I hope to hear more from in the near future.


1. Danaet-If I get Iced
2. Blank and Kytt-Same Old
3. S.Maharba-Nice to meet you
4. Crewdson-Metal and Wood
5. Bambooman-Drips 
6. Sina-One I Love
7. Soosh-Stay Ft. Sarah H 
8. Kashmere-Astro Crunch 
9. Option Command-Sunday Sausage 
0. Zack Christ-Fox Prawns 
1. Deft-Last Night 
2. Jabu-Can't See 
3. Jon Phonics - 5 stax Max 
4. Roof Light- Shut in a box
5. Grouphums-Words 

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September 09, 2011

Anikulapo digs Barcelona aug 2011

 Last month anikulapo visited the beautifull city of Barcelona again, as usual had a great time, discovered a new recordshop with lots of interesting stuff (Discos Juando check here) and visited the Rototom reggae festival in Benicassim. Back in Spain everyday sunshine, lots of records......rumba of course by people like Chacha, Teresiya (the child gipsy), El Gitano Portugues and more....the Herbie Man Version of Summertime as used by Sublime... catalan salsa by La Trinca...soul by James & bobby Purify, a splendid Joe Cocker tune sampled by Dr Dre, and some brazilian stuff...the sound of the Costa Brava in the seventies......

1._   Herbie Mann  ...  "SUMMERTIME"
2._   Amina  ...   "MOJAMACHIS"
3._   Chacho ..." TU CABALLO"
4._   James & Bobby - PURIFY ... "DO UNTO ME"
5._    Trigal    ... "GOL"
6._    La Trinca ...  "L'HOME VÉ DE LA PATATA"
7._    Los Amaya ...  "BAILEN MI RUMBITA"
8._   The Pretty Things ...  MAMA, KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT"
9._    El Payo  ...   "SOLA, SOLA ESTÁ "
10._  Los Chichos ... "ÉSTO SÍ QUE TIENE GUASA"
11._  Joe Cocker ...  "WOMAN TO WOMAN"
12._  Teresiya ...   "MALAGUENYA"
14._  Elmore James ... "IT HURTS ME TOO"
15._  Dolores Vargas "LA TERREMOTO" ... "EL DESGRASIAO"
16._  El Gitano Portugués ... " EU FOI NA BAIA  
17._  Tonyo ... " SOMOS NOVIOS "
18._  Argentina Coral  ... " BEBO PARA OLVIDAR "
19._  Los Amaya  ...  " VIVE LA VIDA HOY "
20._  Antonio Carlos & Jocafi ... " OPUS 2 "