May 30, 2009

Panama! 2 – Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk on the Isthmus 1967-77

The people from Soundway are finally back! As expected with another high quality compilation: Volume 2 showcases more of the unique tropical music created in Panama in the fertile decades of the 1960s and ’70s. The thin, tropical bridge that connects North and South America, Panama is home to three million culturally diverse people, and its’ music is a soulful blend of Latin American, Caribbean, European and Indigenous forms. From Calypso Funk to Típico Soul, from hard Descargas to rustic Cumbia-related styles, Panamanian musicians fearlessly combined and brilliantly executed styles that reflected their multi-cultural environment during a turbulent time in the young country’s history. This collection presents more of the golden age of Panamanian music and the music of the Combos Nacionales on rare recordings that have never been released outside the Isthmus until now. See here for their first Panama comp. Check also the Soundway blog here. For soundsamples go here.
On Vinyl & CD, Release date: 01 June 2009
Track list:
La Murga De Panama – Papi Brandao y Su Conjunto Aires Tablenos
Tamborito Swing – Los Silvertones
Flora – Maximo Rodriguez y Sus Estrellas Panameñas
Decidete Mi Amor – Papi Brandao y Sus Ejecutivos
Te Toca Tocar La Tumba – Skorpio
Descarga Superior – Los Superiores
No Llores Porque Me Voy – Idamerica Ruiz con Osvaldo Ayala
Mi Bella Panama – Los Revolucionarios (Soul Revolution)
Dreams (edit) – The Duncan Brothers
Ain’t No Sunshine – The Soul Fantastics
Ese Muerto No Lo Cargo Yo – The Exciters
La Confianza – Meñique El Panameño con Bush y Los Magnificos
Borombon – Camilo Azuquita
Jazzy – Los Papacitos
La Escoba – Alfredo y Su Salsa Montañera
Juck Juck Pt.1 – Sir Jablonsky
Love Letters – Lord Cobra y Los Hnos. Duncan
Ceferino En Salsa – Ceferino Nieto
Si La Vez – Ormelis Cortez con Su Conjunto Viva Guararé
Piculina – Chilo Pitty

Funky Brazil on Strut records: Black Rio 2

Back in 2002, Strut released ‘Black Rio’ compiled by London DJ Cliffy, a snapshot of the ‘70s Black Rio soul and funk movement in Brazil. In March, Strut release the second volume inthe series, delving deeper into the vaults to sample some of the lesser known gems emerging from the Carnival capital during the era.Whilst Tropicalia had given Brazil’s musicians and songwriters a powerful political voice during the ‘60s, the Black Rio movement had to battle the odds – black soul was perceived as not being authentically Brazilian and the country was under the rule of General Emilio Garrastazu Medici’s oppressive dictatorship which effectively suffocated cultural expression between 1969 and 1974. Still, the movement took hold as disenchanted black Brazilian youth mirrored the struggles of their contemporaries in the US with their own potent brew of samba, soul and funk. Black Rio parties attracted thousands, bands including Banda Black Rio and Uniao Black were created from the scene and music figureheads like Jorge Ben began exploring more dense, Afro directions on albums including ‘Africa Brasil’. While Black Rio Vol. 1 brought together pioneers of the movement like Tim Maia and Gerson King Combo, Volume 2 digs deeper still, exploring more of the key artists and many of the short-lived bands and smaller labels of the time. Highlights include the dynamite funk / samba jam ‘Faz Tanta Tempo’ by Renata Lu, a great funky cover of Gilberto Gil’s ‘Bananeira’ by Emilio Santiago and a rare slice of breezy soul, ‘Supermarket’, by Pete Dunaway aka Paulistano, one of a group of artists giving themselves a Western-sounding name at the time.The album is compiled and annotated again by leading Brazilian music DJ Cliffy, the man behind London club night Batmacumba. the longest running Brazilian club night in England, now enjoying a bi-monthly residency at London’s Notting Hill Arts Club.
Release date on cd, lp and download: june 22nd. For more info check:

May 22, 2009


One of the godfathers of the currently blooming dubstep scene just released a new mix which he dubbed "Thrillaz...No Fillaz." Is Oris Jay boasting? No he isn't, believe me: the title is just right...


1. DQ1 - 4Real
2. LD & Benga - Yes Yes
3. Mala - Eyez
4. Skream - Metal Mouth More Bass
5. DJ Kutz & Benga - I’ll Kut Ya
6. Joker - Do It!
7. Walsh & N Type - Fuze
8. Benga & Walsh - Addicts
9. Caspa - Riot Powder
10. Benga - Crackstep
11. Distance & Cyrus - Violate
12. Amit - White Trash (Darqwan Mix)
13. Benga - Buzzin
14. Dead Prez - Hip Hop (Instrumental)
15. Tes La Rok Ft: Uncle Sam - Round The Way Girls
16. Sukh Knight - Choli
17. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam VIP
18. Benga - Why Is Everything In Mono
19. Suspicious Stench - Masterblaster VIP
20. Proxy - Raven
21. 30Hz - Rise Up (DJ Pinch Remix)
22. Caspa - Low Blow
23. DJ Pinch - Jelly Bean

> Download here <

May 05, 2009


Just got back from Barceloka and made a messep up mix from the stuff I found in my favourite recordshops. Be sure to visit Discos Edison (on Riera Baixa), lots of old and interesting vinyl at good prices, Rumba legend Chacho tends to drop by in the shop and they even smoke ganja behind the counter during opening hours. I love this store. Just next to it is Wha Wha, the most overpriced place I know of, but the reason you'll have drop in is their re-issue of Rabbit Rumba, an incredible hard-to-find funky organ rumba record (check the Caramelos track). For all things reggae, check Hot Shots, near the Post Office. Obviously the mix contains lots of old spanish sounds: Rumba from Barcelona (including a rare instrumental track by Peret), crazy Spanish cover versions (including my most hated Beatles'song Yellow Submarine) and Flamenco mixed with pop, rock and jazz. A little bit of Dutch jazzploitation (Jerry van Rooyen), contemporary but authentic-sounding skinhead reggae from Barcelona (Flight 404), some funky Atlantic Soul by Arthur Conley and Wilson Pickett, also salsa from New York (Celia Cruz) and Barcelona (Orquestra Platéria), samba and classic Jobim & Gilberto bossanova. Brazilian skafunk from Funk Como Le Gusta and ending with some contemporary roots reggae from Jamaica and Italy, and even some Jungle on the Chopstick label. We don't stick to one style.....Hope You Like it!
check it here:

Alfredo Domenech – Good Vibrations (LaVoz De Su Amo 1967)
Marjua Garrido – Guantanamera (Movieplay 197?)
Los Amaya – Caramelos (EMI 196?)
Rabbit Rumba – Caramelos (? 1972)
Jerry Van Rooyen – Pin Stripes and Machineguns (? 196?)
Flight 404 – Turbulence (Liquidator 2008)
Roberto Torres - Caballo Viejo (Guajiro 1981)
Peret – Caliente (Ariola 1975)
Flamenco – Corcho con Corcho (Ariola 1972)
Las Grecas - Te Estoy Amando Locamente (CBS 1973)
Dolores Vargas – La Hawaiana (Belter 1972)
Arthur Conley – Funky Street (Atlantic 1968)
Wilson Pickett – A Man And a Half (Atlantic 1968)
Peret – Chavi (Ariola 1972)
Amina – Diki Diki (Hispavox 1979)
Amina – Submarino Amarillo (Hispavox 1967)
Los Macarenos – Anabella (Movieplay 1974)
Ricao – Angelitos Negros (Kalipso 1990)
Orquestra Platéria -Pedro Navaja (Ariola 1980)
Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco – Cucala (Vaya 1975)
Zeca Pagodinho – S.P.C. (? 1982)
João Gilberto & Tom Jobim – Corcovado (EMI Odeon 1960)
Funk Como Le Gusta – Zambação (ST2 2001)
Ethiopians – The Whip (Luv Messenger 2009)
Admiral Tibet – Never Stop Trying (Luv Messenger 2009)
Junior Kelly – Same Ways (Soul Vybz 2006)
Killacat – Bun Dem (Macro Beats 2008)
Jah Mason – Soundboy Gone Jungle Remix (Chopstick 2008)

Afrofunk Junks Beware: Essential Releases Coming Up!

Recentley Academy Annex already treated us with the re-issue of the Nigerian highschool band Ofege, now 2 other afrofunk gems are coming up mid-late june.
SJOB Movement - A Move In The Right Direction
Extreme Afro-Funk-Rock rarity. Aside from a few scattered blog entries, we’ve never seen this one given the attention it deserves. One track from their second LP was included on Soundway’s Nigeria Disco Funk Special .
Mebusas Volume 1 - Blood Brothers
Yet another Nigerian rarity, this Mebusas LP gets its first ever reissue. Best known for their cut “Son of Mr Bulldog” which was made available on the Soundway's Afro Baby comp.
The Analog Africa label already provided us with several beautifull releases, their latest compilation African Scream Contest really hit the funky spot. The upcoming fifth collection focuses on Benin.
Various - Legends of Benin
Legens of Benin contains super rare and highly danceble masterpieces recorded between 1969 and 1981 by four legendary composers from Benin, Antoine Dougbe, El Rego, Honore Avolonto and Gnonnas Pedro, each one of them with their own distinct sound. The compilation comes with a 40 page full colour booklet with ultra rare pictures and biographies. Compiled by Samy Ben Redjeb, and of course all tracks fully licensed, release May 15th!
1. Dadje Von O Von Non - Gnonnas Pedro LISTEN HERE
2. Feeling You Got - El Rego et Ses Commandos
3. Honton Soukpo Gnon - Antoine Dougbé
4. E Nan Mian Nuku - El Rego et Ses Commandos
5. Tin Lin Non - H. Avolonto & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo
6. Okpo Videa Bassouo - Gnonnas Pedro et Ses Panchos
7. Ya Mi Ton Gbo - A. Dougbe & Orch. Poly-Rythmo
8. Nou Akuenon Hwlin Me Sin Koussio - Antoine Dougbé
9. Djobime - El Rego et Ses Commandos
10. Na Mi Do Gbé Hué Nu - Honoré Avolonto
11. Vimado Wingnan - El Rego et Ses Commandos
12. Dou Dagbé Wé - Honoré Avolonto & Black Santiago
13. Kovito Gbe De Towe - Antoine Dougbé
14. La Musica en Verité - Gnonnas Pedro