April 07, 2010

Panda Dub - Protect the Dub

Out of Lyon, France, come Panda Dub: heavily UK dub influenced grooves, now releasing his first single. Protect the Earth/Protect the dub is released on the Dubatriation label from Dijon (check out his Outernational roots & culture radio show called Ital Corner Radioshow on http://www.dijon.radio-campus.org/)  featuring Paulette Wright on vocals.Released by Kingston Connection (uhurudisciple@yahoo.fr) on 7 inch vinyl, beginning of April 2010 and limited to 500 copies!
Got this one from our friend Dubfader, thanx, also for the party last weekend!

Malorix - Kabaddi Schwalbe

Based in Rotterdam, Malorix attacks the airwaves with breakbeats and bass music filled with samples from the most exotic places in the world. Kabaddi Schwalbe is the first single from the album Soundsystem Culture Clash, released on Redrum recordz. Check out his latest videoclip made by Maarten & Jet (Indivisuals/ Rebelup!). The album contains 10 bass-driven tracks spiced up with  Rai, Bhangra, Balkan, Dutch politicians & others folk sounds. Perfect for people who love high energy breakbeats, probably to noisy for the rest of the human population. If you like it, be shure to listen to the track Belsalama on Malorix' Myspace, my personal favorite.....

April 04, 2010

Gonja Sufi - A Sufi and A Killer (Warp records, 2010)

Lock it Down has been waiting for this album. Finally someone brewed an electronic psychedelic potion of of all those funky & freaky exotic records we love. Earlier, we already talked about the emergence of the LA scene around Flying Lotus & Gaslamp Killer and now the next chapter reveals itself: GonjaSufi’s album A Sufi And A Killer, produced by the Gaslampkiller, was released on Warp records last month (check them here on Youtube). Gonjasufi also provided vocals on the Flying Lotus track Testament (on the Los Angeles album), but his own release really did it for me. Captivating yet uneasy, freaky, funky, dark but spiritual. In touch with the past, but as uptodate as it gets. The Sound of Urgency. Once in a a while a record comes along which sums up the stuff you like, and combines it in a way you hadn’t heard before. A Sufi and A Killer is a record like that. Gonjasufi spits his distorted lyrics over beats filled with sound from records we love. The Turkish psychrock legend Erkin Koray is heard various times, his tune Yagmur is versioned into Kobwebz and Seni Her Gordugumde (aka I’nan Ki) into I’ve Given. Both Erkin Koray tracks are featured on his 1973 album on Istanbul records. As a great fan of Spanish seventies flamenco-hybrids I was thrilled to hear the voice of Las Grecas in the single Cowboys & Indians, sampling their 1974 tune Bella Kali (from their classic first album Gipsy Rock). L.A.'s Spirit gave their The Other Song (from Son of Spirit, 1976) for Gonja to recycle it to Dust. It seems he's putting a band together as we speak, can't wait to experience this in a live setting. Check out this little mix by Anikulapo, combining the Sufi songs with the originals.

Obviously, there tons more of samples, if anyone has any more suggestions, I’d love to hear it
And remember to buy this album!