April 07, 2010

Malorix - Kabaddi Schwalbe

Based in Rotterdam, Malorix attacks the airwaves with breakbeats and bass music filled with samples from the most exotic places in the world. Kabaddi Schwalbe is the first single from the album Soundsystem Culture Clash, released on Redrum recordz. Check out his latest videoclip made by Maarten & Jet (Indivisuals/ Rebelup!). The album contains 10 bass-driven tracks spiced up with  Rai, Bhangra, Balkan, Dutch politicians & others folk sounds. Perfect for people who love high energy breakbeats, probably to noisy for the rest of the human population. If you like it, be shure to listen to the track Belsalama on Malorix' Myspace, my personal favorite.....

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