May 05, 2009


Just got back from Barceloka and made a messep up mix from the stuff I found in my favourite recordshops. Be sure to visit Discos Edison (on Riera Baixa), lots of old and interesting vinyl at good prices, Rumba legend Chacho tends to drop by in the shop and they even smoke ganja behind the counter during opening hours. I love this store. Just next to it is Wha Wha, the most overpriced place I know of, but the reason you'll have drop in is their re-issue of Rabbit Rumba, an incredible hard-to-find funky organ rumba record (check the Caramelos track). For all things reggae, check Hot Shots, near the Post Office. Obviously the mix contains lots of old spanish sounds: Rumba from Barcelona (including a rare instrumental track by Peret), crazy Spanish cover versions (including my most hated Beatles'song Yellow Submarine) and Flamenco mixed with pop, rock and jazz. A little bit of Dutch jazzploitation (Jerry van Rooyen), contemporary but authentic-sounding skinhead reggae from Barcelona (Flight 404), some funky Atlantic Soul by Arthur Conley and Wilson Pickett, also salsa from New York (Celia Cruz) and Barcelona (Orquestra Platéria), samba and classic Jobim & Gilberto bossanova. Brazilian skafunk from Funk Como Le Gusta and ending with some contemporary roots reggae from Jamaica and Italy, and even some Jungle on the Chopstick label. We don't stick to one style.....Hope You Like it!
check it here:

Alfredo Domenech – Good Vibrations (LaVoz De Su Amo 1967)
Marjua Garrido – Guantanamera (Movieplay 197?)
Los Amaya – Caramelos (EMI 196?)
Rabbit Rumba – Caramelos (? 1972)
Jerry Van Rooyen – Pin Stripes and Machineguns (? 196?)
Flight 404 – Turbulence (Liquidator 2008)
Roberto Torres - Caballo Viejo (Guajiro 1981)
Peret – Caliente (Ariola 1975)
Flamenco – Corcho con Corcho (Ariola 1972)
Las Grecas - Te Estoy Amando Locamente (CBS 1973)
Dolores Vargas – La Hawaiana (Belter 1972)
Arthur Conley – Funky Street (Atlantic 1968)
Wilson Pickett – A Man And a Half (Atlantic 1968)
Peret – Chavi (Ariola 1972)
Amina – Diki Diki (Hispavox 1979)
Amina – Submarino Amarillo (Hispavox 1967)
Los Macarenos – Anabella (Movieplay 1974)
Ricao – Angelitos Negros (Kalipso 1990)
Orquestra Platéria -Pedro Navaja (Ariola 1980)
Celia Cruz & Johnny Pacheco – Cucala (Vaya 1975)
Zeca Pagodinho – S.P.C. (? 1982)
João Gilberto & Tom Jobim – Corcovado (EMI Odeon 1960)
Funk Como Le Gusta – Zambação (ST2 2001)
Ethiopians – The Whip (Luv Messenger 2009)
Admiral Tibet – Never Stop Trying (Luv Messenger 2009)
Junior Kelly – Same Ways (Soul Vybz 2006)
Killacat – Bun Dem (Macro Beats 2008)
Jah Mason – Soundboy Gone Jungle Remix (Chopstick 2008)


REAL C said...

Great selection... I'll surely enjoy diggin and visiting barcelona thx

elephantsoundz said...

for real hardcore digging check the local market San Antonio on sunday from 9 till 2 and Las Glorias on saturdays....