December 29, 2005


Yup, it's that time of the year again: time to make up a list of "best of's." A horrible task indeed, because it's never complete, it always lacks a few greats after publishing, it's bound to give credit to those who don't deserve it (that much) because of aforementioned reason and it's always narrowed down to a "top ten" or even a "top five" on most accounts. But here at LOCK IT DOWN we take things easy...we don't bother, we just want to give full attention to those who deserve or need it and we will take up to 20 posts to do so if needed. So here it first attempt to list all worthwile tunes, reissues, albums or riddims of 2005...


Bantu featuring Ayuba - Fuji Satisfaction
well, you read it before on this blog....this is a killer record featuring afrobeat, dancehall, hiphop, juju and more...KILLER!!!

Wax Tailor - Tales of the forgotten melodies
Forgotten melodies? yes that might be just the case here..DJ Shadow already did this kind'o stuff way back in '96, but Wax Tailor is a bit different. It sounds alike, but then again, it doesn't. This album's got that eerie vibe that can also be found on albums by french dubmasters High Tone. Now, mix that sound with a certain Tricky-like triphop flavour, or more specifically a Martina Topley Bird flavour, an up-to-date-but-refreshing hiphop sound, some real good juggling skills and a fine nose for samples and you'll get a slight idea of what I'm talking about here..

Modeselektor - Hello Mom!
Yes! Although made by one artist (a crazy German duo), this albums has got all the symptomes of a compilation. And a good one it is! It features all styles of music I like: beautifull electronica, deep 'n mellow dub (with Paul st.Hilaire/Tikiman on the mic), harsh but melodic techno and booty, BOOTY dancehall(featuring Sasha.) Modeselektor does it all, but never fails to provide the goods with quality. Quite impressive, indeed.


Various: Studio One Roots 2
Genuine masterpiece. Even better then volume one, which is quite an achievement by itself, this compilation is the ultimate roots rock reggae compilation that no one, and I mean no one, should miss out on. Don't boast that "you've already got all the tracks" because you don't. And even if you do, they will not sound like this, because this gem's got that great SoulJazz fat heavy bass sound that lacks the original 7"s..Reggae never sounded better. Got it? Go get it..

Various: Hit the Rhodes
Brown Sugar never fails to impress. Although I'm not too fond of late 70's funk, this label always succeeds in making me think otherwise. Instead of putting out releases stacked with all kinds of unreleased, very-hard-to-get-by stuff just for the sake of it, they release their albums with much devotion and a pure love for music. Even when that means including an evergreen. This one here is a highly recommendable, funky 'n disco-ish tribute to the Fender Rhodes organ, and that, my friend, I like! I don't like late 70's funk??? Hell, because of this compilation I just bought my first David Axelrod lp! And that is the true power of a good compilation.

Various: Soul Power, Funky Kingston 2
And even at the reissue-our-own-catalogue-over-and-over-again-factory Trojan they decided to put a little effort in it this year. And, sad but true, they should do it more often because they got the goods to back it up. This compilation of, mainly, English reggae goes funk is a true manifesto of groove! Every track on this double lp is right on the spot, and when it's done it still leaves you craving for more...MORE....MORE!!!


In reggae, it's all about the riddim. Produce a good riddim, and you're bound to have a line-up of big artists waiting outside your studio, anxious to ride it. Here are my faves of 2005:

- WORLD A MUSIC: first a big hit for Ini Kamoze in the eighties (World a reggae), then a big hit for Damien Marley (Welcome to jamrock) riding the original riddim. But the first price goes to the Bad 2000/Maximum Sound crew for their heavier, faster and more brutal update of the riddim. Whooooha! Listen here

- PRESSURE AND SLIDE: A big hit for the Tennors in the rocksteady era (1967.) Lovely updated by the Down Sound Crew. Thanks to the big smash "Hungry" by upcoming superstar Fantan Mojah, it almost became THE anthem of 2005. Listen here

- TRUTHS AND RIGHTS: a big hit for Johnny Osbourne in 1981 on Studio One. In 2005 he hits again with an ultra heavy version by the Massive B crew. It's good, but the man who records faster than his shadow, takes the credit for the best cut: Chuck Fender (All about the weed) Listen here.

- HARD DRUGS: A big smash for Gregory Isaacs on the Taxi imprint, and now it re-appears as a HUGE one drop anthem by the Delperies crew. Listen to a combination drifter by Buju Banton and slick rick Anthony Cruz here

More to come, for sure! But first, why don't you share your list? we like to know!


Elephantsoundz said...

thanx for adding the harddrugs! I need 'm...

Elephantsoundz said...

oh..and I have to say: The older (but still brutal)TEMPO riddim still rules over many newer stuff...

cold sweat said...

wise words indeed....come on, let's do a topic on old, but still ruling riddims!! Stalag, bam bam, the almight Sleng Teng, heavenless!!! dis one ya killah!