March 22, 2006


Just got back from Spain, where I missed a great opportunity to see Gerald, main man of the Jazzman/Funk 45 label, in action at the decks. My excuse is valid though, as I was still recovering from a great "funk" night at El Planta Baja the night before. A heavily dreadlocked dj was playing some nice afrobeat and funk stompers when he suddenly decided, after a quick flinch at me for some reason I don't know and don't wanna speculate about, to pull out his reggae 45's and pop dem big riddims for the rest of the night. And it turned out to be a GOOOOD night!

Unfortunately the hangover afterwards was so big that I had to miss hearing these little babies on big speakers the night after. New tunes on the big label are:

Pow-wow /Chicken & Booze

This scorching boogaloo monster has been in high demand ever since it’s first release in 1967. A tribal intro drops into a miles deep latin funk workout that has never failed to rock a dancefloor. Backed with the Jazz club classic ‘Chicken & Booze’, this 45 will no doubt find a home in record boxes the world over.

listen Pow wow here
Listen Chicken & Booze here

Just take your time / Thoughts

North Carolina natives the Innersouls would never have recorded anything were it not for ex-racing driver Dick Plemmons, who booked the band to play at his son’s birthday party and was so impressed he bankrolled the recording of their only single! Locally famous for their multi-coloured afro’s, the band nonetheless failed to hit first time round so changed their name to ‘bite, chew & spit’ and promptly embarked on a long and direct road to obscurity..

listen to Just take your time here


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