April 04, 2006


While we're still at home enjoying "African Rebel" as, without doubt, THE best reggae compilation cd to see the light of day this year, the busy Germanz of OutHere records went back to Africa to cook up a fine new release: Lagos Stori Plenti. A comp with the finest hip hop Nigeria has to offer today. An yet again, it's killing. From the get go, a great tribute to Eminem by Terry da Rapman (I'm a Nigerian, do you trust me?) to the very end, this is good music all over. Though sometimes sounding a bit TOO much like their American brothers, there are a lot of standout tracks which add to flavour by mixing hip hop with local music and thus creating a new, exciting and utmost danceable "afrobeat juju Hiphop" kinda thing.

check it out here

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