September 27, 2006


By far the finest, most danceable, most retro, most remarkable and, above all, funniest 7" I encountered recently is courtesy of vocal trio "The Dansettes." This strictly limited edition 7" (500 copies worldwide) called "Oh my!" is a wonderfull piece of music that is both appealing as it is impressive. The New York based Dansettes smoothly combine early Stax hammond grooves with the typical Tamla/Motown vocal trio sound, blend it with sugarcoated pop and also manage to put some of that fine New-Orleans drum patterns into their music. The result is an ultra poppy, "where did I hear this before" sing-along that is utmost pleasing, but play it some more and you'll discover the sheer brilliance of it. They make it sound so easy but the way they mix, switch and blend styles in this song is far from easy. I read somewhere that the best popsongs are the ones that are easy listening but hard to play. Indeed they are and this 7" is a fine example of a truly great pop/soul/funk song.

The Dansettes owe a heavy credit to the The Bourbon Dynasty, who layed down the rhythm (instrumental is on the b-side) and the mighty Daptone who recorded the song in their infamous studio, but as long as they can keep it together I'm eagerly awaiting more 7"s. Untill then, I'll just play this gem over and over and over again..

Go have a listen here

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