January 10, 2007


And yet again, we present a new artist of the month: This time it's Albert Joseph to take credit for fully blowing us away. These days, we at Lock it Down are very much into dubstep, so we keep searching the internet for new goodies. Fortunately for us mr. Joseph presented himself to us by asking for a myspace friendship and a quick listen on his site became a 45 minute session of scanning his music, wishing he'd add some more.

His music featured in the myspace player is dubstep in essence, but we figure this guy's coming from a hiphop background since a lot of his music in the other player on his site is based on exactly this. Less impressive, but still good enough. However, when he starts mixing things up he's reaching great hights! A bit of hiphop, a lot of dubstep and a touch of IDM makes mr Joseph sound different than the others around, which is not only a good thing but also quite an achievement by itself.

By far the most impressive new found artist on the web since months.

Check him out here

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