April 24, 2007


Finally, after the superb "Tales of forgotten melodies", Wax Tailor hits the stores with a new album: "Hope & sorrow," albeit only in the US, Canada and France. That, however, makes sense since Wax is a big name in those countries and fairly unknown in other countries. Or is he? In Holland, where yours truly resides, he's got quite a big following these days and his new album will only seek to increase these numbers.

Although feeling a bit of dissapointment at first, "Hope & Sorrow" only seems to give way to its sheer beauty after a couple of rounds. Sure, the sound is familiar by now and that might very well be the main reason for the aforementioned dissapointment, but give it a good listen and mark the excellent production, the superb songwriting and the small details that tie the album together like glue. The main thing that makes "Hope & sorrow" a more than worthy succesor, though, is that it doesn't sound like an album made up by various artists: it's not crammed with ideas like its predecessor. Wax' newest is beautifully set up like a musical journey making it very worthwhile to listen to the album as a whole instead of skipping through highlights. Although that doesn't mean there aren't any on this one: "The Way We Lived" featuring Sharon Jones is simply superb and "The Tune" is a funk anthem in its own right.
Formost, this new album shows that the abilities of Wax Tailor as a songwriter and musician are te be taken into serious account: I believe his next one will be the true masterpiece we're all eagerly awaiting.

But untill then: get off on this one. It's good. Very, very good.

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