January 25, 2008


And yet another fine example of instrumental hiphop is about to hit the streets. Beatmaker Brenk, hailing from Vienna, will release his debutalbum "Brenk Gumbo" on the 22nd of februari and according to the snippets that were sent to Lock it Down, it's going to be a good one! Picture the mighty Modeselektor (in a hiphop mood) in the studio with Wax Tailor and you've got a general idea what this Brenk character sounds like. R 'n B, funk and hiphop gently merge into a very nice, fat, loungy yet uplifting blend. What makes Brenk different than other instrumental hiphop artists that we wrote about (i.e: Wax Tailor, Guts), is that he's a bit rougher than them. More hiphop. The sound on Brenk Gumbo almost makes you want to write lyrics to the songs, but for the sake of the musiclovers out there, I'll just keep mumbling those inside my head and leave it to the prof's.

Check Brenk on myspace.

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