March 27, 2008

a little Tribute to Joe Gibbs R.I.P. mix

As a tribute I made a nice little mix of some of my Joe Gibbs Productions. May Joe Rest In Peace! check it below

Roy Shirley- Hold them
Sylford Walker - Burn Babylon
Shorty the President - Natty pass his CGE
Clint Eastwood - Badda Than You
Barrington Levy - My Woman
Dillinger - Take a Dip
Soul Sisters - Wrecka Buddy
Lady Ann - Murderer
Prince Mohammed - Bubbling Love
Dennis Brown - Let Me Live
Dennis Brown - Ghetto Girl
Joe Gibbs - Entebbe Affair
Culture - I'm Not Ashamed
Lee Perry - The Upsetter
Sammy Dread - Dreadlocks Girl
Eekamouse - Virgin Girl
Junior Murvin - Cool out Son
Lui Lepke - Love from Jamdown
Jacob Miller - I'm Just A Dread
June Lodge - Someone Love You


cold sweat said...

brrap! Nice one, bruv!

elephantsoundz said...

eh so i just found out that eekamouse is a ossie hibbert production, released on Joe Gibbs'label...
thanx to jo gibbs prof Kold Swet for the info!

cold sweat said...

actually: Virgin Girl is a Joe Gibbs production: it's the first recording of "wa do dem" but was only released after "Wa do dem" became a hit. Prior to that, Joe Gibbs refused it as a release :-)

Dillingers "Take a dip" is a Ossie Hibbert production...