June 13, 2009

Barcelona Calling: Rumba Catalan by Que Pum Que Pam

It's no secret that Barcelona, an incredible meltingpot of different musical styles, is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world. However, the original sound of Barcelona is their Rumba Catalan, invented by the gypsies in the sixties, and made famous by Peret (or lesser known gods such as El Gitano Portugués) in the seventies. While most bands from Barca mix up all kinds of sounds into a mestizo cocktail (inspired by godfather Manu and his Mano Negra), there are some bands still playing the original pure Catalan Rumba. And the here featured Que Pum Que Pam is one of them....
Que Pum Que Pam is a six-piece rumba band, already playing together for several years, consists of: Alex Gallego “El capullo de Gramanet", Eduardo “Sepia del Besós”, Letizia Di Liberto “La calamara”, Julia Fritz, Xabier “el patriarca” Monreal and La Rubia Montoya. Last year they released their Garrulator: Vamonos Platanos, an ep with six groovy oldskool rumbas.
1. - R.A.P.
2. - Maria
3. - Arrinconamela
4. - Brigante
5. - El Arte Del Pobre
6. - La Rumba de todas Partes
Que Pum kindly donated the track Arrinconamela to Lock It Down. Click down here te check it
They also made a videoclip of their El Arte Del Pobre tune, check it on Youtube here.

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