August 03, 2009

Betty Davis lost album: Is It Love Or Desire?

Recently the Light in the Attic label re-issued the first two Betty Davis albums Betty Davis (1973) and They Say I'm Different (1974), which feature some of the nastiest Hendrix-Sly Stone girlpower funk around. The third and equally funky album Nasty Girl is also about to be re-released, but to my suprise there also seems to exist a fourth album, called Is It Love Or Desire. Never released and never bootlegged! I've heard some of the recordings she did at the end of the seventies (released as Hanging out in Hollywood or Crashin from Passion), but didn't like it too much. However, Is This Love Or Desire stems from 1976, and was recorded right after Nasty Girl (Island, 1975) in a remote studio in Louisiana. Due to creative differences the Island label decided not to release the album, and the material stay on the shelves till now. Personally I really like all three albums, so I'm really looking forward to this release, which is said to be her most expressive. Both Nasty Gal and Is It Love Or Desire are scheduled for October 6th.
For more info check out The Stranger here.

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cold sweat said...

Think I read about that album in Wax Poetics...good news! Can't wait to hear it.