October 08, 2009

Ambient-mix: The Hum in your Room by PVC

"The Hum in the Room" is the final part of the three-part mix dedicated to ... the hum in your room!

The buzz that you suddenly notice, that appears to have been there forever but unnoticed - until this moment. The sound that will be there forever from now. The hum that appears to come from the inside of your head, and that keeps changing when you turn your head or walk through the room. The noise that can irritate as well as fascinate.
Here at Lock it Down we are always interested in strange and new sounds, and thus we present to you this ambient collage, done by our friend Peter van Cooten, who has been working on ambient and experimental music for the NPS (Dutch National Broadcast) for years. Like myself, most of you probably will not be very familiar with with this style, and it takes a little while to get used to the sound. But once it captivates your mind, it will take you along on a mental trip, much like classical music or movie scores. Not a single beat is heard, but wicked things are definitely happening! Tracklist includes, among others, Ryoji Ikeda, Biosphere, Edgar Varese, Robert Henke, Kettel, Thomas K├Âner,  Alan Howarth and the sound of a food mixer.
Listen to PVC's mix here.

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