August 28, 2010

mixtape mania

Currently  the Lock It Down Pose is enjoying some nice mixes made by friends from all over Europe. We love mixtapes and consider this a logical way of sharing our musical obsession. Enjoy!

First up is a Drum & Bass mix by DJ Salor Bassclap (Spain)  called ACID GROOVE. He just moved from Brussels back to Cordoba and surely will rip up some dancefloors over there...

Next up is Jungle Moon (France), who morphs reggae into drum & bass, but always rootical. Born in the French mountains, he now resides in Utrecht. Check his SUMMER 2010 mix .......

And finally and fortunately ...... another mix by our very own Cold Sweat (Netherlands). We know he has got trailerloads of original Jamaican 7 inches you all have been dreaming of, so check his latest Joe Gibbs mix PRESSURE BEAT VOL 1, straight outta U-town.

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