May 20, 2011

Invasion Of The Mysteron Killer Sounds

Wow, the mighty SoulJazz have pulled it off once again. I just love how the label is always on top of things, but go about their business with a different angle. With the current explosion of the genre most commonly known as "wotyoucallit?" (in which hiphop, reggae, dubstep, house, steeldrums, 90's dance and whatnot are beautifully amalgamated into something new) the label decided to release a compilation of their own. Not with the biggest, newest and illest tracks of the moment. Anyone with an internet connection and a guide to Soundcloud can do that. No, Souljazz started digging their crates and came up with a selection of tracks from producers from all over the world, who were far ahead of their time (Jamaican producer Dave Kelly of Madhouse was actually aeons ahead of his time) and who (might have) influenced the craftsmen of today. And by doing that, they actually did come up with the illest, baddest and dopest beats around. Which the label gratefully stacked onto a compilation with a million dollar name. Cop it, listen to it, use it, learn from it and start digging some more. Mix 'em with anything new and your set will never be same...

1.Steely & Clevie — Street SweeperPLAY
2.Redrose — Now ThingPLAY
3.Roots Manuva — Doogoo DubPLAY
4.Dave Kelly — The ReturnPLAY
5.Harvel 'Gadaffi' Hart — Summer BouncePLAY
6.Max Glaser — Flatlands DubPLAY
7.Steven 'Lenky' Marsden — DiwaliPLAY
8.Matt Shadetek — Yoga RhythmPLAY
9.Stereotyp — AlleycatPLAY
10.Da Grynch and Tippa Irie — AgonyPLAY
11.Fresh Ear Productions — HummerPLAY
12.Diplo — Diplo RhythmPLAY
13.Mark Pritchard — Bazooka RiddimPLAY
14.Marlon Williams — PitbullPLAY
15.Redlight — MDMAPLAY
16.The Bug — AktionPLAY
17.Fat Eyes — Clothes PinPLAY
18.Steven Ventura — Throw Your Hands UpPLAY
19.Sly Dunbar and Christopher Birch — Corners BoyPLAY
20.David Jahson — King of KingsPLAY
21.Fat Eyes — Steel PlatePLAY
22.South Rakkas Crew — Red AlertPLAY
23.Parara and McCoy — Them Can't Hold Yuh GirlPLAY
24.King Tubby — Fat ThingPLAY
25.World Beat — GoldminePLAY
26.Andre 'Suku' Gray — SignPLAY
27.Henfield and Shadowman — BabatundePLAY
28.Firehouse Crew — No False HairPLAY
29.Computer Paul — World TalkPLAY
30.Fat Eyes — OverdosePLAY
31.Prince Jazzbo — Great DubPLAY
32.Kickin' Productions — What You Gonna DoPLAY
33.Pliers — I'm Your Man DubPLAY
34.Wiz Kidz Team — In My Heart VersionPLAY
35.Jammys Jam2 James — Peenie PeeniePLAY

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