October 21, 2005


Well known reggae producer Joe Gibbs is back in business. After a dispute with one JC Lodge over royalties in the early eighties, this highly succesfull producer went out of the recording business. Through his son Carl's imprint "Rocky One" he did reissue his monster hits again in the early nineties, but it wasn't untill 1993 that he teamed up with his right hand producer Errol Thompson again to start some new recordings, including none other than Tanya Stephens.

Latest news on the Gibbs empire is the release of three new compilation cd's featuring modern dancehall (Mad world), old style rockers (Inner city roots) and a "best of" compilation (fundamental reggae vol 1).

Also Gibbs revived an old label: Crazy Joe. Originally created in the late seventies, releasing hard stepper roots from the likes of Culture and Dennis Brown this "new" label has been especially brought back to life to cater the hungry european market. Its headquarters are even located in France.

Seems like Gibbs is planning a total takeover this time!

More info on the producer and the new label/releases: Joe Gibbs Europe

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