October 21, 2005


Can't help but wonder 'bout some so called "reissues." Take, for example, the reissue of the classic jamaican Chantells album "Waiting in the Park" which was released on the infamous Phase One record label in 1978. No doubt about it that it is a great album, heck it is one of my all-time favourites for that matter, but listening to the 2001 reissue of this classic the question that keeps popping up inside my head is: which one do I like better?
Don't be afraid, this is not going to be one of those boring "is it remasterd and available on SACD" topics but mere a "what's in a reissue" topic. Because while listening to the original copy of the album I could only identify 4 tracks similar with the revive. Yes, you read it right...four tracks! This is not a reissue, it's a companion! As a Phase One adept I thank the almighty God on my knees for this revive because it contains songs I never heard before, but then again: I'm lucky enough to own both copies. The original is pretty hard to get by but boy does it contain some serious contenders that are not included on the revive! Why not, I ask? No matter the fact the effort both Blood and Fire (The great: Chantells and friends) and Motion Records(we're getting bad) put in their compilations: no one included the wicked version of Children of Jah that's on the original copy: it's a rootsier, heavy but slower and most of all deeper version then the better known track included on both compilations. Also nowhere to be found are jewels like: true born african, by the sweat of your brow, baby don't leave me and oh, what a night.

I'd say it's time for a "true" revive of Waiting in the Park, or another great compilation including aforementioned songs. Who dares? SoulJazz maybe?

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