June 21, 2006


Ever since we started introducing our little blog on the myspace website, we get a lot of, daily, invitations from bands that like to be added as our friend. A lot of them get turned down, simply because they don't qualify as "Lock it Down" proof. Yes sir, we're a tough nut to crack.

But every once in a while a band does get through and make it onto our list of friends (cocky, eh?), and sometimes one of the groups even succeed in impressing us just a "little" bit more than the average band that does so. Prince Wadada was the first, but we invited him after we heard his tracks. So that makes AIFF the second, but actually the first, "ultra impressive" find since we didn't know they existed untill they told us so.

A quick glance over the band members of this afrobeat group tells us there are two members of the dutch groove combo "Soulsnatchers" involved in this project, but the two don't sound alike. Whereas the Soulsnatchers indulge on the heavy, rambling "deep funk" sound, AIFF takes it easier, make the whole lot sound jazzier and therefore more groovy and a hell of a lot more sophisticated. Sure, there are the odd Fela Kuti influenced parts, but what makes AIFF more favourable than all the other afrobeat combo's out there is their sound. It's more "acid jazz with an afrobeat touch" than the common "afrobeat with a bit o' jazz" style we hear so often. And that make 'em...alright, alright... not unique, but shure 'nuff exciting since we haven't heard a decent acid jazz record in an updated formula for quite some time now and got a bit bored with all the Fela clones out there. AIFF seems to have found a way to incorporate both styles, and a bit more, into a sound of their own and that is quite an achievement by itself.

To put it in their own words: "it's only a matter of time before our afrovirus will infect you."

"Afrovirus"....... Amen to that!

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