June 07, 2006


It's good to know that in times like these, wherein the majority of producers and fans of reggae music solely seem to focus on roots reggae or fierce dancehall tracks, there are still some people out there with a love for both lovers and rootsreggae. Former Wizkidz production member, Oxman, is one of them. This SoulJazz Soundsystem mc already showed his love for loversrock by compiling the beautifull Studio One Lovers cd on SoulJazz Records, but now takes it a step further on his new imprint: Dill-Ox international. His first riddim, Lolo Bell, proves to be rough enough for the roots-reggae adepts with its fat, thick bassline and heavy one-drop, but by ensuring his riddim was topped by none other then Chezidek, Daville and JanetLee Davis, Oxman created loversrock in a 2006 stylee: an updated, rougher edged, yet comfortable familiar sound that is more than welcome. This music somehow feels like a homecoming party: long gone, but good to be back. Being a fan of both loversrock as well as rootsreggae, Oxman also recorded Prince Malachi and Mark Wonder, who ride the riddim in a more rough 'n tough, conscious roots kinda way.
The combination of the two styles works splendid and make a set of "Lola Bell" 7"s very worthwile to purchase. We sure hope to hear more of this promising new label in the future.

Check out the "lola bell" lovers side with these artists riding it:

Daville - A good woman

Chezidek - Gwaan so gwaan so

Janetlee Davis - My everything

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