July 21, 2006


One of our first blogs ever, dealt with the issue of the revival of Joe Gibbs as an imprint in business. At the time we were very pleased that some hard to find gems were made available again, but the new Crazy Joe Europe imprint apparently decided to take it to the next level. Sure, they said, it's nice that the "African Dub" series are, deservedly so, in print again, but there is more! More?? Yep, and the chance that you've heard these tunes before are pretty slim (the Royals recorded for Joe Gibbs??)...My oh my, this is good material..All music on "Reggae Jeggae" was recorded inbetween 1968 and 1969 and at the time released as "Amalgamated" 7"s. Nowadays, they are worth a fortune if, and I mean IF, you are lucky enough to find only one of them in good condition, let alone the whole bunch. Info on their releases is not the strongest point of the Crazy Joe Europe imprint, so couldn't tell you if there are some unreleased songs on this comp, but that really doesn't matter since this is so good a record with so much great songs, both classics as obscurities, that it leaves me with just one possible recommendation: ESSENTIAL.

01_Drumbago & The Blunders_Reggae Jeggae
02_The Versatiles_Lulu Bell
03_Hugh Malcolm_Mortgage
04_The Slickers_Mother Matty
05_Errol Dunkley_Love Brother
06_The Reggae Boys_The Wicked They Must Survive
07_The Destroyers_Rock The Clock
08_The Immortals_Bongo Jah
09_Ken Parker_It's Allright
10_Jackie Robinson_Let the Little Girl Dance
11_Tyrone Taylor_Delilah
12_The Soul Sisters_Wreck A buddy
13_The Pioneers_Who The Cap Fits
14_The Creations_Get On Up
15_The Immortals_Jane Anne
16_The Royals_Never See Come See

Listen to some snippets here

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