March 14, 2007

New Jazzman Release: Sister Funk 2!

Jazzman Records proudly presents Sister Funk Volume Two. A full five years in the making, the follow up to the hugely popular first volume finally sees the light of day, bearing with it the fruits of compiler Ian Wright’s inexhaustible quest to unearth some of the world’s toughest, most elusive and undeniably funky female 45’s. The spectrum of sounds covered on this album reflects a broad range of styles, from the heavy funk of Keisa Brown’s ‘Dance Man’ to the dancefloor jazz of Barbara Trent’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, from the discofied soul of Florence Trapp to the crossover stylings of Barbara Mason. As ever, the selections range from the ridiculously obscure to the frustratingly impossible to find – which isn’t to say this is music to stroke your goatee to - if anyone’s still sitting down after putting this record on we’ll send Big Ella round to sort ‘em out!
1 RHETTA HUGHES You're Doing it with Her 2.39 Listen
2 HONEY & BEES Love Addict Listen

3 DOLLY GILMORE Sweet Sweet Baby Listen

4 BARBARA KING What I did in the Street Listen

5 COLETTA WOODSON Follow the Wind Listen

6 SANDY GAYE Watch the Dog Listen

7 BIG ELLA The Queen Listen

8 SHEILA WILKERSON Baby You're a Jive Cat Listen

9 RICHI CORBIN TRIO A Woman was made for a Man Listen
10 BARBARA TRENT Heartbreak Hotel Listen
11 ALTHEA SPENCER Take me Baby Listen
12 CHERYL JOHNSON It's not too Late Listen
13 BARBARA HOWARD I Dont Want your Love Listen

14 LEON MITCHISON Whatcha Need Listen

15 CHERYL DORSEY If you Want your Man Listen

6 FABULETTES Muddy Waters Listen
17 KEISA BROWN The Dance Man Listen

18 BARBARA MASON You Better Stop It Listen

19 HARD DRIVERS Since I was a Little Girl Listen

20 FLORENCE TRAPP Love Came into my Life Listen

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