March 14, 2007

New Soundway Release: Colombia!

Already available as we speak: Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes – the Powerhouse of Colombian Music, 1960-1976.
Discos Fuentes has since 1934 been the largest record label in the vast country of Colombia, a place where music is impossible to escape. This collection concentrates on the golden years of 1960-1976 and is hand-picked by Soundway from a huge catalogue of hot, tropical music styles. Cumbia, Gaita, Fandango, Salsa and Champeta all feature in our selection from one of the world’s best Latin music archives. More info @
Fruko Y Sus Tesos-Salsa Na Ma-4:13 sample
Lito Barrientos Y Su Orquesta-Cumbia En Do Menor-2:46
Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos-Hong Kong-3:53

Sonora Cieneguera-La Piojosa-2:53
Fruko Y Sus Tesos-Improvisando-3:50
The Latin Brothers-Patrona De Los Reclusos (CD ONLY)-6:13
Wganda Kenya-Tifit Hayed-3:40 sample
Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros-Fandango En Percusion-2:45
Orquesta Nunez-La Samaria-2:57 sample
Los Corraleros de Majagual-El Mondongo-10:13
Fruko Y Sus Tesos-A La Memoria Del Muerto-4:21
Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos-La Primavera (CD ONLY)-2:16
Wganda Kenya-Elyoyo (CD ONLY)-4:07
Lucho Bermudez-Gaita De Los Flores-2:33
El Sexteto Miramar-Cumbiamba-2:42
Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos-Mirame San Miguel-2:50 sample
Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros-La Picua (CD ONLY)-2:50
Climaco Sarmiento Y Su Orquesta-La Pata Y El Pato-2:44 sample
The Latin Brothers-Las Calenas Son Como Los Flores-3:55 sample

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