June 24, 2007


New discovery! Being all into the new Wax Tailor, I totally overlooked this great piece of music. Fortunately, I got me a copy of Guts' forthcoming album (release date is 17 september 2007) "le Bienheureux" through his Dutch distributor who kept pushing it as "better than the latest Wax." Don't know if this is true, but magnificent it is! Guts is best described as being the funny leg in French hip hop: His photos are hilarious, as is his cover-art for his new album, but taking in the sheer quality of the songs it is clear that Guts is undoubtly taking his art serious. Using only "his vinyl an a MPC4000" Guts is cooking up some outstanding tracks that are a fine blend of Wax Tailor, Gorillaz, dj Shadow, Dangermouse, Tommy Guerrero and pinch of reggae, funk 'n soul. Lively and uplifting! The song "And the living is easy" will be featured as the first single. I'd say: hurry up with releasing that and Guts is bound to hit a big summerjam hit.

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