July 20, 2007


While listening to hiphop, did you ever wonder where that massive intro/break/hook came from? Well, I do. Actually it happens to me all the time: while listening to reggae (lots of Impressions/Al Green/ Drifters/ Brook Benton and so on covers to be found here), dubstep (lots of contemporary roots reggae to be found here), instrumental hiphop ( example: Wax Tailor's new album starts with that great "museum dubplate" made by Nate Harrison about the "amen break") and the good thing is: it's all vice versa. For instance: while listening to reggae you might just find a superb soul version of it, if you dig hard enough. I guess what I'm trying to say is this: keep your ears open and you'll always find new and interesting music. And that's how I found D-Rok's "Break up mix" on a site called "t Nieuwe Werck."

"t Nieuwe Werck is a dutch website where all kinds of people drop their mixes. They've got quite a few online now, and it always makes for interesting listening, but D-Rok's mix is the one you should check out for sure. It's a nice mix of originals versus its hiphop remakes. Which reminds me to update that "reggae vs soul" mix i've been making for ages now...Well, for now, here is the tracklisting to D-Roks gem:

- Bobby Caldwell - Open Your Eyes
- Common - The Light
- James Brown - Blind Man Can See It
- Das Efx - They Want Efx
- Kool and the gang - N.T (Edit)
- Q-Tip - Breathe And Stop
- NWA - Express Yourself
- Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Express Yourself
- The Trammps - Rubber Band
- Mary J Blidge - Hate It Or Love It (Remix)
- Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - Hey Jude
- Gang Starr - DWYCK (Instrumental)
- Herbie Hancock - Wiggle Waggle
- King Bee - Back by dope demand
- Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up Kane
- Big John Hamilton - Big Bad John
- Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
- Mary J Blidge - Real Love
- Leon Haywood - I Wan't To Do Something Freaky To You
- Dr.Dre - Nothin' but A G Thang
- Billy Paul - Let The Dollar Circulate
- Steve Spacek - Let The Dollar Circulate (Instrumental)
- The Emotions - Blind Alley
- Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin'
- Eric B and Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
- Bobby Bird - I Know You Got Soul
- All the people - Cramp Your Style
- KRS-One - Still # 1
- Slum Village - Selfish
- Aretha Franklin - Call Me
- Dynasty - Adventures In The Land Of Music
- Camp Lo - Luchini aka This Is Iy
- Special Ed - I Got It Made
- Ripple - I Don't Know What It Is But It Shore Is Funky
- John Klemmer - Free Soul
- Akinyele - Put It In My Mouth

Download D-Rok's Break up mix here
and be sure to visit 't Nieuwe Werck for more here

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