August 08, 2007


One thing leads to another, that's a godgiven fact. After writing the piece below about D-Rok's mix, the owner of 'T Nieuwe Werck immediately contacted me. Said he was interested in that "soul versus reggae" mix that is still not finished. As replacement I sent him another mix: a straight forward reggae mix, featuring the hottest new riddims of the day, which he fortunately liked very much as well.
So here we are: my first internet mix is now online, which is a bit funny in a way: I make these kind of compilations all the time, but the idea of putting 'em online never dawned me, really. Call me old fashioned, but I'm the kinda guy that makes cd's out of these mixes and then pass 'em along to whoever's interested. I know..I know...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this mix, and if so, pass it forward! You can either listen or download the mix.

Listen and download here

1 comment:

jet said...

This is the best reggaae mix I have heard in a long time.