March 30, 2007

Superfunk is Back! Volume 5 comin' up!

Yeah, the girls and guys from Ace records delivered another baby: Superfunk Volume 5, another album filled with unknown funky pleasure. Compiled as usual by Dean Rudland. Click on the samples and enjoy!
Check the Ace website for more info.

01 JUST SITTING - Smithstonian sample
02 CAN'T GET ENOUGH - 87th Off Broadway
03 SHE'S THE ONE - The Diplomats
04 HI OFF LIFE - The Eternal Flames
05 HOME BREW - Miles Grayson
07 I GOT HURT PT 1 - The Phillips Brothers
08 I GOT HURT PT 2 - The Phillips Brothers
09 TURN AROUND AND GO - Lee Bernard
11 TWINE TIME - Alvin Cash sample
12 FACE TO FACE - The Explosions
13 SHAKE A LEG - Jackie Wilson sample
14 CAN'T BUY SOUL - Hebrew Rogers
15 LOW RIDER (DEUCE & A QUARTER) - Smokey Wilson
17 MOTHER POPCORN - The Mello Matics
18 LITTLE BOY BLUE - The Phillips Brothers
19 YOU'D BE GOOD FOR ME - Jeanette Jones
20 HOLD ON - Lorenzo Holden
21 FREE THE SOUL MAN - La May & Company

March 14, 2007

New Jazzman Release: Sister Funk 2!

Jazzman Records proudly presents Sister Funk Volume Two. A full five years in the making, the follow up to the hugely popular first volume finally sees the light of day, bearing with it the fruits of compiler Ian Wright’s inexhaustible quest to unearth some of the world’s toughest, most elusive and undeniably funky female 45’s. The spectrum of sounds covered on this album reflects a broad range of styles, from the heavy funk of Keisa Brown’s ‘Dance Man’ to the dancefloor jazz of Barbara Trent’s ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, from the discofied soul of Florence Trapp to the crossover stylings of Barbara Mason. As ever, the selections range from the ridiculously obscure to the frustratingly impossible to find – which isn’t to say this is music to stroke your goatee to - if anyone’s still sitting down after putting this record on we’ll send Big Ella round to sort ‘em out!
1 RHETTA HUGHES You're Doing it with Her 2.39 Listen
2 HONEY & BEES Love Addict Listen

3 DOLLY GILMORE Sweet Sweet Baby Listen

4 BARBARA KING What I did in the Street Listen

5 COLETTA WOODSON Follow the Wind Listen

6 SANDY GAYE Watch the Dog Listen

7 BIG ELLA The Queen Listen

8 SHEILA WILKERSON Baby You're a Jive Cat Listen

9 RICHI CORBIN TRIO A Woman was made for a Man Listen
10 BARBARA TRENT Heartbreak Hotel Listen
11 ALTHEA SPENCER Take me Baby Listen
12 CHERYL JOHNSON It's not too Late Listen
13 BARBARA HOWARD I Dont Want your Love Listen

14 LEON MITCHISON Whatcha Need Listen

15 CHERYL DORSEY If you Want your Man Listen

6 FABULETTES Muddy Waters Listen
17 KEISA BROWN The Dance Man Listen

18 BARBARA MASON You Better Stop It Listen

19 HARD DRIVERS Since I was a Little Girl Listen

20 FLORENCE TRAPP Love Came into my Life Listen

New Soundway Release: Colombia!

Already available as we speak: Colombia! The Golden Age of Discos Fuentes – the Powerhouse of Colombian Music, 1960-1976.
Discos Fuentes has since 1934 been the largest record label in the vast country of Colombia, a place where music is impossible to escape. This collection concentrates on the golden years of 1960-1976 and is hand-picked by Soundway from a huge catalogue of hot, tropical music styles. Cumbia, Gaita, Fandango, Salsa and Champeta all feature in our selection from one of the world’s best Latin music archives. More info @
Fruko Y Sus Tesos-Salsa Na Ma-4:13 sample
Lito Barrientos Y Su Orquesta-Cumbia En Do Menor-2:46
Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos-Hong Kong-3:53

Sonora Cieneguera-La Piojosa-2:53
Fruko Y Sus Tesos-Improvisando-3:50
The Latin Brothers-Patrona De Los Reclusos (CD ONLY)-6:13
Wganda Kenya-Tifit Hayed-3:40 sample
Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros-Fandango En Percusion-2:45
Orquesta Nunez-La Samaria-2:57 sample
Los Corraleros de Majagual-El Mondongo-10:13
Fruko Y Sus Tesos-A La Memoria Del Muerto-4:21
Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos-La Primavera (CD ONLY)-2:16
Wganda Kenya-Elyoyo (CD ONLY)-4:07
Lucho Bermudez-Gaita De Los Flores-2:33
El Sexteto Miramar-Cumbiamba-2:42
Michi Sarmiento Y Sus Bravos-Mirame San Miguel-2:50 sample
Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros-La Picua (CD ONLY)-2:50
Climaco Sarmiento Y Su Orquesta-La Pata Y El Pato-2:44 sample
The Latin Brothers-Las Calenas Son Como Los Flores-3:55 sample

March 08, 2007

Back from Brazil Part I: Sivuca

While travelling through Brazil last january & february, I was visiting São Luís, (capital of Maranhão, northeastern Brazil), and could’t resist to do some digging on the local markets (found an original copy of Mandrill’s 1973's Composite Truth for 1 euro!). Opposite the market was a small recordstore called Adriano’s. It was actually closed, but the neighbour called the owner, who luckily arrived within 10 minutes. Actually he didn’t have too much interesting records, but when I saw this cover, I took a few seconds to study this record. There were references on the back by Harry Belafonte and Oscar Brown Jr, but Bill Wither’s Ain’t No Sunshine really convinced me to buy it. Later that week I learned that this guy, who looked like a yodeling native of the Swiss Alpes, did the arrangement of the Miriam Makeba classic Pata Pata. The self-produced album, on Vanguard (1974), mixes Folk with Bossanova and Latin Jazz, contains 10 tracks and includes his self-penned classic Adeus Maria Fulo. Apart from some other pretty decent tunes, it also has a nice version of Antonio Carlos e Jocafi’s Voce Abouso. But the killer track is definitely Ain’t No Sunshine: hitting of with funky female bossanova voices reminding of Sergio Mendes’ version of Mas que Nada, then changing into a funky jazzfrenzy with the screaming CUICA riding the riddim, stretching the tune to 4:46. listen to the sample! (on
Sivuca was born in the state of Paraíba, Brazil in 1930, moved to Recife and Rio de Janeiro and later Lisbon, Paris, New York and Scandinavia. He plays accordion (which even impressed Miles Davis), guitar, keyboard and percussion, sings and even skats. He died of cancer on December 14, 2006.
Tracklist: Adeus Maria Fulo, Tunnel, Amor Verdadeiro, Ponteio, Arrasta Pé, Voce Abouso, Inquietacao, Ain’t no Sunshine, Lament of Berimbau, Rosa Na Favela.
more info:
Sivuca @ his homepage