October 29, 2007

1000 TNW ÷ 10 = 100 TNW's

The lads over at 't Nieuwe Werck are on a roll and currently celebrating their 100th internet release. Quite an achievement considering their first release was only posted about a year ago. Here on Lock it Down we already posted about the fun and variety of mixes run by 't Nieuwe Werck, but their last effort, mixed by "The TNW All Stars" (Knoflooksaus, Graafmeester Tijn, Dj √69, Schobbejak) is really something. Come and count with us: In 1000 seconds they mixed 10 tracks that have been used in their TNW mixes in the past, that makes this mix '10÷1000=100'!! On a special moment in the mix you'll hear 10 samples (of 10 used tracks too) in 10 seconds, again 100 (10x10)! Got it??

Luckily for us, TNW secured the listening pleasure as well. TNW 100 is a nice blend of, and here we go counting again: electronica, trip hop, hip hop, dubstep, house, old italian mafia songs, prison work songs & rock 'n roll mash-ups. That'll make a nice celebration cake, I'd say. The only thing dissapointing about this mix is that a 1000 seconds really isn't that long...we want more!

Check out, or download the mix here

and be sure to contribute your mix as well!

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jet said...

That 'TNK 100 is short but friggin' sweet.