October 22, 2007


Now this is what we like, here at Lock it Down! Regular readers may have noticed we cover a wide area of music, from dubstep to soul via latin with a de-route through reggae: if it's about good vibes, we'll write about it. Luckily for us, there are kindred spirits out there with an equal broad taste in music. That said, it's the godshonest truth that the podcast that started this whole post even surprised the hell out of Lock it Down! Why? Well...picture a dubstep mogul mixing disco funk and disco funk only on a dubstep radioshow...Funny picture isn't it?

Past that, the mighty Skream really managed to unite the best of both worlds: his excellent mixing techniques makes this funky set a true pleasure to listen to. Combine that with the occasional "pull up," a jamaican dancehall scene gimmick, and the picture is complete: this is Lock it Down style podcasting, this is what we like to see.

What makes the mix extra fun are Skream's constant defense offerings: "...this is what I like; this is personal; I love this track; this one's got big bass!"

Nice, really nice!

Listen to Skream's "long awai'ed funk set" here

Big up and props to Rinse FM for airing this.

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