October 15, 2007


Heartbeat Records is pleased to announce the release of Bob Marley & the Wailers - Another Dance – Rare Sides from Studio One on October 16.

This album consists of 18 rare Wailers titles, alternate takes, and original single mixes, all recorded between 1964 and 1966 for late producer Clement Dodd at his Studio One recording studio in Kingston, Jamaica. The release of these seldom-heard tracks will be a cause for celebration among true Wailers collectors. All titles, takes, and mixes presented here were issued as singles in Jamaica on Dodd-owned labels like Coxsone, Studio One, Supreme, Tabernacle, and Wincox.

Over the years, Dodd supplied tapes with post production overdubs to companies leasing his material for foreign issue. Although Heartbeat always sought the original mix of each song, Dodd sometimes provided the overdubbed tape when he could not locate the original mix. This album restores the original single mixes of seven Wailers classics including signature Bob Marley songs like “One Love,” “I’m Still Waiting,” and “Lonesome Feeling.” Neville Livingston, when interviewed in 1990, reported that the Wailers nearly always recorded alternate takes of songs recorded for Dodd. This album includes alternate takes of eight well-known Wailers recordings. They are completely different than the takes used on previous Heartbeat albums by the group. In addition, this album restores to the catalogue four rare titles never previously released on Heartbeat in any form.

Track Listing:
1. Another Dance
2. I’m Still Waiting
3. Ska Jerk
4. Playboy
5. Love Won’t Be Mine
6. Don’t Ever Leave Me
7. Straight and Narrow Way
8. Lonesome Feeling
9. Cry to Me
10. One Love
11. Somewhere to Lay My Head
12. It Hurts to Be Alone
13. Where Will I Find
14. Lonesome Track
15. Let Him Go
16. Love and Affection
17. Guajara Ska
18. I Left My Sins

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