July 10, 2009

New Vampisoul releases: Sensacional Soul Vol 2 and La Nueva Banda De Santisteban

Various - Sensacional Soul Vol 2
32 groovy Spanish soul & funk stompers from 1965-1972! Soul turned Spanish pop into the fuel that ignited the dance floors and parties of Spain. Spanish soul became hugely popular, and during the second half of the 60s was the dominant music genre in a country still under Franco’s dictatorship. Apart from artists that imitated the purest sounds from the US, others took risks and tried subgenres such as progressive R&B, freakbeat soul, sunshine soul or psych-pop with soulish influences. This new volume offers a fantastic selection of all of them, including tracks by hit acts such as Los Bravos, Los Pekenikes, Manolo y Ramón (aka Dúo Dinámico) and obscure bands such as Jae’s Soul and Conjunto Brillant’s.
Tracklist: Hey, Hey Bunny (Los Gatos Negros), Sintonía En Soul (Jae's Soul), Bugulú (Los Albas), Las Bellas Ilusiones (Conjunto Brillant's), Abandonado (Karlo Y Su Conjunto), Tú Lo Tienes, Mi Amor (Los Go-Go), Soul 2 (Chus Martínez), Higher & Higher (Ossie Lane),Rudy’s In Love (Los Bravos), Perdóname (Las 4 Monedas), El Saltamontes (Los Roberts), La Vida Es Un Juego De Azar (Gino), Limón Y Sal (La Nueva Banda De Santisteban), Donkey (Henry C Martin), Stone Free (Los Brisks), Camino Cortado (Los Roller), El Sol Es Una Droga (Los Kifers), Lo Que Puede Ocurrir Con El Café (Henry), No, No, No (Los Pops), La Máquina Infernal (Lone Star), I Don’t Know What To Do (Conexión), I’m Walkin´ High (Evolution), Para Siempre (Wagon), Polución (Los Pekenikes), (Los Ros), Lágrimas, Sonrisas (Manolo Y Ramón), Darkness (Joe Cogra Group), Pilé Beat (Ritmo Pilé), Boom Boom (Peter Soto), East Side Story (Los Talismanes), El Fuego (Los 5 Diablos), Es Mejor Dejarlo Como Está (Alex Y Los Findes).

La Nueva Banda De Santisteban - Sabor a Fresa
Reissue of this 1971 classic. An exotic cocktail of jazz, Brazilian music, flamenco influences and spaghetti-western soundtracks. Born in Madrid in 1943, raised on copla and popular Spanish song genres, with a solid classic formation, initiated in jazz and in love with Brazilian music, Alfonso Santisteban is, among many things, different. He was a session musician and composer for hire from the early 60s for stars of flamenco pop, author of countless soundtracks, many of them patchy, some remarkable. Santisteban also wrote innumerable melodies for an incipient TVE (Spain’s public TV broadcaster) hungry for a liberal modernity. He decided to pay this pleasant toll in order to gain moments of total creative freedom. The Sabor a Fresa album (Belter, 1971) is re-released by Vampisoul under its original title for the first time, with the addition of an extra track from an ultra-rare 45 of the Enseñar a un Sinvergüenza soundtrack.
Tracklist: Sabor A Fresa, Brincadeira, Zorongo, Persecución, The Suitcase, Manías De María, No Te Acuerdas De Mí, Tierra Mojada, Un Día De Lluvia, Nuestro Ayer, Vuelve A Tu Ciudad, Limón Y Sal, Soledad (Bonus track not on original LP).
Text ripped from the Vampisoul website...check it here for more info.

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