July 14, 2009


You know the feeling when a plan, that looked so great and absolutely invincible on paper, is finally unleashed and set in motion only to come back as a huge disappointment and completely different than what was expected? Ofcourse you do, and so do I, but the other day I sadly experienced this emotion in the quickest way ever.

While checking a list of up and coming tunes, my eye immediately focussed on the name Nneka. Not only because it was a bit strange to see this Lock it Down and personal fave "new queen of soul" appear on a list of dubstep releases, also because the name was linked to Chase & Status, who, apart from also charting our fave list for many reasons, apparently have remixed her epic "Heartbeat" tune. Quite an exciting combination!

Or is it?
On paper the link-up seems like a match made in heaven. Nneka is doing very well on the soul 'n 'pop circuit and is succesfully touring the continent, spreading her positive message through songs that emerge from her ever growing songwriting talent. Chase & Status recently succesfully reinvented themselves by drifting away from their crushing raggajungle anthems, releasing hit after hit (with influences taken from both dubstep as well as rock and everything in between) and firmly establishing themselves as a "hype to watch and be cool with."

Unfortunately, as you might have expected from the introduction, the final result "isn't all that." No, let's be honest: it's horrible. And no one is to blame, really, because a tune like "Heartbeat" really can't be remixed without damaging it. It's one of those rare tunes that is complete. It's a finished product, just the way it is. Any alteration means damage. Sure, it doesn't help much that Chase 'n Status decided to give the tune a "rock feel" that completely robs the tune of its swing , funk and air. Topping it of are the corny synth parts and the screaming guitarsolo's that intersperse with Nneka's singing which are simply devastating to what was left of the tune. That said, I must say I do like Chase 'n' Status idea behind it. I'm always pro "thinking outside of the box" and that is exactly what Chase 'n Status did with this remix: they took a different approach. Come to think of it, that is what I always liked about them, really: you never know what to expect from these chaps. And let's face it, how can a collab by two faves ever turn out out any good? It seems impossible. Moreover, both parties can prove me wrong whenever they want to, since the song is doing its rounds succesfully on the dubplate circuit and is rapidly becoming a fave among both the bigger dj's as well as the ever growing horde of dubstep fans.

So was this remix really such a bad idea? No, it wasn't. I personally don't like the result and would rather listen to the original at any time and at any dance, but the tune does spin its rounds and gathers both Nneka and Chase 'n Status some more interest from both camps, which is always a good thing. Musically speaking, however, I'd have to say it wasn't worth the effort. I wonder if a remix done by Joker, 2000f or L.D would have made a better match. I think it would have...

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