July 12, 2009

Smartin’s Dubstep Anthem mix july 2009

Somewhat hesitant, I present you a little dubstep mix I made last night with the stuff I got on vinyl. Of course, I’m certainly no expert, most records I got from my good friend Cold Sweat (Dub Infusions/Planet KL), and his skill & knowledge on the subject surpasses me easily. However, that (and my limited mixing abilities) shouldn’t stop me making a mix of music I like. So here it is, old tunes to most of you hipsters in the scene, but still sounding nice……...the classics never go out of style….….that’s what they say….
Caspa - Cockney Violin (Dub Police)
Caspa - Ohh R Ya (Dub Police)
Skream - Trapped in a Dark Bubble (Tectonic)
TC – Where’s My Money/Caspa Remix (D-Style)
Silkie – Cyber Dub (Disfigured Dubs)
Silkie – I Sed (Deep Medi)
Uncle Sam – Round The World Girls/Tes La Rok Mix (Souljazz)
Conquest – Forever (Dub Police)
Martyn – Broken ( Souljazz)
Tes La Rok – Livin Fire (Dub Police)
Darqwan – Maximum Respect (Planet Mu)
Unitz – The Drop (Dub Police)
Rusko - Jehova (Dub Police)
Sub Scape – Bad Man (Dub Police)
The Others – Africa (Dub Police)
Caspa – Jeffrey and Bungle (Dub Police)
The Others – Hear This Style (Boka)
Digital Mysticz – Thief in da Night (Souljazz)


Naps said...

Nice mix m8 ! Some are definitly anthems. Keep on, you're doin' fine. Peace. naps

mi said...


cold sweat said...

did you know there is actually 1 tune in there I don't own?? LOL

Proper mix, mate. It's got heart, good tunes and enthusiasm. Is all what counts.


elephantsoundz said...

yes ik know! caspa's j & b tune....